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The Full Cast of Ted Lasso: A Comprehensive Guide


In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the full cast of “Ted Lasso” in an easy-to-read format. “Ted Lasso” has captivated audiences worldwide with its heartwarming story, memorable characters, and brilliant performances. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just discovering the show, this article will provide an in-depth look at the talented actors who bring the characters to life.

Introduction to Ted Lasso

“Ted Lasso” is a critically acclaimed comedy-drama series created by Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt. The show premiered on Apple TV+ in August 2020 and quickly gained a devoted following. Set in the UK, the series follows the titular character, Ted Lasso, played by Jason Sudeikis, an American football coach who is hired to coach a struggling English soccer team, AFC Richmond, despite having no experience with the sport.

Ted Lasso: The Heart of the Show

At the center of “Ted Lasso” is the eponymous character portrayed by Jason Sudeikis. Ted Lasso is a relentlessly optimistic and folksy American football coach from Kansas who is unexpectedly thrust into the world of English soccer when he is hired to coach AFC Richmond. Sudeikis’s portrayal of Ted Lasso has been universally praised for its warmth, humor, and depth.

The Main Cast

Now, let’s delve into the full cast of “Ted Lasso” and explore the talented actors who portray the show’s main characters.

1. Jason Sudeikis as Ted Lasso

Character Overview: Ted Lasso is the heart and soul of the series. He is portrayed as a kind-hearted and optimistic coach who uses unconventional methods to inspire his team and those around him. Jason Sudeikis’s performance as Ted Lasso has garnered widespread acclaim and earned him numerous award nominations, including a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Television Series – Musical or Comedy.

2. Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca Welton

Character Overview: Rebecca Welton is the owner of AFC Richmond and initially hires Ted Lasso as a ploy to sabotage the team, as she inherited it following a messy divorce. However, over time, she develops a close bond with Ted and the team. Hannah Waddingham’s portrayal of Rebecca showcases her range as an actress, from her icy exterior to her vulnerable moments of self-discovery.

3. Brendan Hunt as Coach Beard

Character Overview: Coach Beard is Ted Lasso’s loyal assistant coach and closest confidant. He is often the voice of reason to Ted’s more impulsive nature and serves as a grounding presence within the team. Brendan Hunt, who is also one of the show’s creators, brings a quiet strength and wit to the character of Coach Beard.

4. Jeremy Swift as Leslie Higgins

Character Overview: Leslie Higgins is the affable and somewhat bumbling director of football operations for AFC Richmond. He is often caught in the middle of the team’s antics but remains steadfastly loyal to both Rebecca and Ted. Jeremy Swift’s portrayal of Higgins adds a comedic flair to the series, as he navigates the challenges of his role with charm and wit.

5. Juno Temple as Keeley Jones

Character Overview: Keeley Jones is a social media influencer and the girlfriend of AFC Richmond’s star player, Jamie Tartt. She initially appears as a superficial character but later reveals herself to be much more complex and insightful. Juno Temple’s performance as Keeley brings depth and humanity to the character, as she navigates the ups and downs of her relationships and personal growth.

6. Brett Goldstein as Roy Kent

Character Overview: Roy Kent is the gruff and seasoned veteran captain of AFC Richmond. Despite his tough exterior, Roy has a heart of gold and cares deeply about his teammates and the success of the team. Brett Goldstein’s portrayal of Roy is both hilarious and poignant, as he balances the character’s tough demeanor with moments of vulnerability and warmth.

7. Phil Dunster as Jamie Tartt

Character Overview: Jamie Tartt is AFC Richmond’s talented but arrogant young striker. Throughout the series, Jamie grapples with his ego and learns valuable lessons about humility and teamwork under Ted’s guidance. Phil Dunster’s portrayal of Jamie captures the character’s complexity, from his brash confidence to his moments of self-doubt and growth.

8. Nick Mohammed as Nathan Shelley

Character Overview: Nathan Shelley, also known as “Nate the Great,” is the team’s kit man who eventually becomes a coach under Ted’s mentorship. Nathan is initially timid and insecure but blossoms into a confident and capable member of the coaching staff. Nick Mohammed’s portrayal of Nathan is endearing and relatable, as he undergoes a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Supporting Cast

In addition to the main cast, “Ted Lasso” features a talented ensemble of supporting actors who bring depth and nuance to the series.

1. Sarah Niles as Dr. Sharon Fieldstone

Character Overview: Dr. Sharon Fieldstone is a sports psychologist hired by Rebecca to work with the team. She helps the players and coaching staff navigate their personal and professional challenges with her insightful guidance and no-nonsense attitude. Sarah Niles’s performance as Dr. Sharon adds a fresh dynamic to the series, as she challenges the characters to confront their inner demons and strive for personal growth.

2. Toheeb Jimoh as Sam Obisanya

Character Overview: Sam Obisanya is a talented young Nigerian player who joins AFC Richmond early in the series. He quickly becomes a fan favorite with his skill on the field and his warm personality off it. Toheeb Jimoh’s portrayal of Sam is charismatic and heartfelt, as he embodies the character’s optimism and determination to succeed against all odds. You can also read Unveiling Vidnoz: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding its Functions, Uses, and Impact

3. Cristo Fernández as Dani Rojas

Character Overview: Dani Rojas is a skilled and enthusiastic midfielder from Mexico who joins AFC Richmond later in the series. His infectious positivity and love for the game make him an instant hit with fans and teammates alike. Cristo Fernández’s portrayal of Dani is joyous and energetic, as he brings a sense of fun and excitement to every scene he’s in.

4. Kola Bokinni as Isaac McAdoo

Character Overview: Isaac McAdoo is a talented young player on AFC Richmond’s roster who faces personal and professional challenges throughout the series. Kola Bokinni’s portrayal of Isaac is nuanced and empathetic, as he explores themes of identity, ambition, and belonging.


In conclusion, the full cast of “Ted Lasso” features a diverse and talented group of actors who bring the show’s beloved characters to life with humor, heart, and authenticity. From Jason Sudeikis’s endearing portrayal of the titular character to the supporting cast’s standout performances, each actor contributes to the show’s unique charm and appeal. Whether you’re a fan of sports dramas or character-driven comedies, “Ted Lasso” offers something for everyone, thanks in large part to its stellar ensemble cast.

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